Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Google Chrome OS Browser (Unstable Build 28902)

Alright, I know many of you have asked for this, so here it is.

I was a bit nervous about posting this, since it's something Google doesn't seem to want people to see, but... if there are any issues, I'll take it down.  If not, it'll stay.

No, it's not the source code.  It's just the i386 DEB package.  I wish I had grabbed that source code zip, but I didn't, so... for anyone looking for that, you'll have to wait a bit longer.

Also, please keep in mind this is a very early build and is not in any way representative of the final product.  If it crashes, so be it.  Complain about crashes when you can find this thing loaded on computers at Best Buy.  Right now?  Yes, it'll likely crash.  No, it's nothing to worry about.

(Removed Rapidshare link due to complaining, if anyone has any suggestions for a better upload service, please let me know.)
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